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Do you hand-make jewellery at “To Hold &To Have”

Yes we do! The majority of our custom orders are handmade onsite in our beautiful shop that you can walk into easily any time of day during business hours without an appointment or arrange for an afterhours appointment. We are easy to find and easy to access. You can browse at your leisure or sit down with us for chat at any time.

 Are their benefits to hand-making a custom design pieces of jewellery. Yes there is! Firstly custom designing means that the jewellery is designed specifically for you, for your tastes and your needs. We can source stones(diamonds or coloured gemstones) from all around the world or pearls and have them in your hands for you to view at no obligations usually within 24 - 48 hours, so you also get to choose the individual components for your design as well.  You can combine design elements that are meaningful for you and work with the metal combinations that you want. Each element from band thickness and width or earring length or bangle profile is intentionally created for beauty, comfort and purpose.

 Quality Hand-making rather than computer aided manufacturing ensures longevity of strength of metal components and their connections.  Over the test of time quality hand-making skills will always prove themselves more resistant to general wear and tear and often allows for finer detail than CAD CAM (Computer Aided Drafting & Manufacturing) while maintaining the maximum strength.  There is a time and place for CAD CAM and we can offer it as a service but we would tell youwhen and why it would be considered as an option and give you the choice.

 Do you charge for design consultations?

 No we don’t.

You are welcome to come and sit with us at our dining table in store, enjoy a cold drink or a coffee and we will chat and begin the process. You are not under any obligation. We will keep the designs on file and offer you a quote. Should you like to proceed  with a design a 50% deposit is required to secure any stones requested and to begin manufacture.

 Can we use your existing stones or gold, diamonds or gemstones?

 In many cases “yes we can”.  Please bring in your spare gold or stones with you for a visit or a consultation and we can advise you further how best to use what you have.  Please keep in mind that a percentage of the cost of manufacture is labour and like any hand-making process where care is the main ingredient we assure you or our efficiency but it is still a considerably lengthy process of melting, rolling, shaping, soldering, setting & polishing. A considerable saving can be made by re-using  what you have as well as it is often a way of honouring generations past.

 As an “Award Winning Jeweller” what awards have you won& what qualifications  do you have?

 In early 2014 weentered the Australasian Jewellery Association of Australia Awards for which we won the “Bride to Be”category. This award is one of the most prestigious in our industry and qualifies us to represent Australia in the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award in Hong Kong 2015. Shiree was previously a JAA Award Finalist in 2010 and was Apprentice of the Year receiving a State Medal in 2004. 

 Jo was a finalist in the Felix H. Mann Award exhibiting images in the National Gallery of Victoria and all regional network galleries of Victoria. Both Shiree & Jo have Bachelor of Visual Arts Degrees.

 Are Photographs or Drawings of my jewellery available

 “Yes” they are! Are you are probably aware we take our design drawings and the photography of our beautiful  jewellery very, very seriously, and we love this process. Not only are we JAA Australasian Award Winners for our Design and Manufacturing but both Shiree & I have BA Degrees in Visual Arts and we put that to practice every day in drawing and photography as well.  We can photograph your jewellery as it is transformed from raw material to masterpiece at no cost and also provide a drawing upon request once your jewellery is completed.  Shiree’s detailed frame ready sketches do take her considerable time – please inquire about cost upon ordering.

Do you sell furniture or are you available for interior design services?

 This question still makes us smile…. Although I have had some experience in this area ‘no’ none of the furniture in our store is for sale and currently we are busy enough with the jewellery design – to branch into interior design, but you never know – and thank you for the compliment that that question is.

 What type of dog is Fletcher (our shop dog) and how old is he?

 Fletcher is a black Poodle and he was born on 17th July 2014

 Please feel free to email us further questions which we can add to this page.