Shiree Hobson
Since Shiree could hold a pencil she showed a love and natural flare for art. She spent all her spare time drawing, painting, stitching, and sculpting. Her mother still lovingly stores boxes and boxes of her many projects. Such an obsession of all things art and crafty naturally meant her hobbies eventually became a way of life. After finishing school she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree that majored in jewellery, it is here that her love of metal-working began. This love of the jewellery-making processes inspired her to undertake a formal apprenticeship and signs of success were evident early in her career winning 'apprentice of the year' and a 'state medal' in NSW.

Shiree dedicated her years mastering the craft of manufacturing jewellery and has since worked in some high-end boutique jewellery shops in both Sydney and Perth. Specialising in handmade, bespoke pieces in gold and platinum, she has developed a following nationwide for her engagement and bridal designs. Her Perth experience gave her exposure to the rarest of coloured diamonds and the opportunity to make investment and archival quality pieces. She lives and breathes the jewellery industry and is dedicated to giving her clients uniqueness of design and the highest quality gemstones and crafting. She is only happy when her customer is happy.

A newcomer to the Sunshine Coast, Shiree has well and truely created here home here. In between her busy life at “To Hold & To Have” she adores the relaxed atmosphere of the Coast and the pleasure of walking her dog “Ruby” by the seaside.

Jo Saxelby
Jo is a true Sunshine Coast local, born on the coast and raised in the sunshine on a pineapple, strawberry and avocado farm in Palmwoods. Jo studied art on the weekends since the age of nine then went on to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree and exhibited in many regional, state galleries and in the National Gallery of Victoria.

After graduating Jo worked as photo journalist for the local papers here on the Sunshine Coast and the Courier & Sunday Mail. She also taught photography at the local Tafe Colleges. Her first social documentary overseas assignment led to a stint overseas living in developing nations and working with indigenous cultures always incorporating art, photography and jewellery. Jo spent several years at the end of her travels in Canada where she established a fashion jewellery label 'Ellakabella' which she successfully wholesaled across Canada before bringing it back home with her to Australia.

Jo has lived and still lives a very full life but is finally bringing together all her experiences. She is enjoying the opportunity to develop and enrich 'To Hold & To Have' with her amazing, broad skill-set and serving her much loved community. The freedom to design and create beautiful pieces of jewellery in a shop-front that she considers an extension of her home is a life-long dream come true.

Shiree and Jo shared a common vision. Both hard working with a passion for quality jewellery and innovative design, they developed 'To Hold & To Have' with a focus to provide impeccable customer service and create a jewellery store that is like no other. Their experiences and skills are both different and complimenting. Having already been awarded winners in the biennial Australasian Jewellery Awards for their design and manufacturing skills Shiree and Jo are determined to continue to bring their best to the Jewellery Industry and their clients.